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Group Legal Services
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Reduce Legal Risks

Cut Legal Costs


The Alternative to In-House Legal Counsel
Protect Your Business • Family • Assets

For as low as $250 per month (tax-deductible), a business receives:

  12 hours of legal consulting, document review and letter writing per year plus

  25% discount on most other legal services beyond the 12 hours provided

  Added protection for the business owners as individuals, their families and employees for an additional $120 per year each, after a one-time $100 administrative fee

  The ability to say “I’m going to discuss this matter with my attorney”—and mean it

  The knowledge that you will be treated like our firm’s most valued client

Did You Know...

Every year 80 million lawsuits are filed in this country. That’s over 300,000 per day. Twenty percent of these lawsuits are filed in California. You don’t have to be rich to be a target. Owning a business makes you a target.

Help Attract and Retain Valuable Employees

  Our plan improves employee relations by providing an important employee benefit at a very reasonable cost.

  Our plan communicates loud and clear that you value your employees.

You Will Need Our Group Legal Services Plan When…

• You decide to create a living trust to eliminate probate
• You get sued
• You enter into a contract and the other party refuses to perform
• A debtor won’t pay you
• Your contractor won’t perform or walks off the job
• Your spouse wants to discuss divorce
• You fall on a wet floor in a store
• You have an issue with spousal or child support
• The IRS accuses you of wrongdoing
• Your teenager is accused of shoplifting
• Your insurance company refuses to pay a claim
• You have a problem with your homeowner assocation
• Your employee accuses you of wrongful termination

Protect Your Business • Family • Assets

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